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Verbier High Five by Carlsberg

Date : 08.04.2017

Verbier High Five ist eine der wichtigsten Veranstaltungen in Verbier im Winter!

For 18 years now, the ski resort of Verbier hosts High Five, a real festival of skiing. The public can register to compete against the best athletes of ski racing on the following discplines: giant slalom, mini KL (flying Kilometre), skicross and trampoline.

Half-serious, Half-fun tests adhered to by all participants of the race. It is often also participants from the public who rank among the best in this unconventional competition. 
The top eight men's and women will then meet directly confronted with the pros at the final.

The event is open to all from 16 years upon registration.

The festive party is held at Chalet Carlsberg and is powered by a concert, all with many food stands. After the event on the slopes, the party continues with after-ski, concert and BBQ at the Pub Mont Fort.


More info soon.


See on the webpage: http://www.verbierhighfivebycarlsberg.com/



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Localité :
1936 Verbier





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