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Guides de Verbier


The Alps, alpinism and mountain guides... already an age-old story, and surely eternal!

Today's off-piste skiing capital of the world, Verbier and the “Pays du St-Bernard”, saw the birth of the first Guides and Porters Company in Orsières in 1853. Much time has passed since then, however, the same enthusiasm, passion and friendship still binds together the roped party of a client and his guide.

The mountain guide’s profession is practiced throughout the seasons, in symbiosis with nature, with the objective of sharing, discovering, listening and of course pleasure.

Today, "Les Guides de Verbier" is comprised of 100 professionals, all ready and eager to give you an unforgettable experience, filled with intense emotions.

Do you want to reach high summits?
Do you want to motivate your colleagues?
Do you want to know the secrets of the mountains and the stories they have to tell?

Come over in summer, in winter, alone or in a group, or with your family, and live privileged and unforgettable moments with us...

Welcome to Les Guides de Verbier !

Contact and information:

+41 (0) 27 / 775 33 70   /   info@guideverbier.com


You can find the complete selection of our guided tours and outings on www.guideverbier.com





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